French Immersion

The year 2004 saw the renaissance of the Elgin County French Immersion Program at Parkside.  Since that time, our enrolment has almost doubled to approximately 150 students in both the full and extended programs.  Regardless of our students' academic abilities and French background, PCI offers something for everyone in a challenging yet supportive environment tailored specifically to the needs of each student.  There are several "French Immersion only" opportunities offered annually including peer tutoring, field trips, scholarships and the hard-earned, well-deserved French Immersion certificate which is granted to students who complete the requirements of the program.  Not only does the program boast a 95% success rate but many of our graduates who pursue post-secondary French find that they are granted advanced standing into 2nd or even 3rd year at university.  Many of our graduates find opportunities in the work world that are presented to them simply because they have such strong French skills.  No matter what your post-secondary goal is, the PCI French Immersion department is where you belong!  Bienvenue!


Criteria for the French Immersion Certificate

Successfully Complete 30 Credits to obtain the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)

Full Immersion Certificate: Successfully complete grades 9-12 Language and Literature PLUS 6 other courses. (Total of 10 Immersion Credits)

Extended Immersion Certificate: Successfully complete grade 9-12 Language and Literature PLUS 3 other courses. (Total of 7 Immersion Credits)

Students who chose to leave the Immersion program in grade 8 may be given advanced standing in grade 10 Core French. (At the discretion of the Head of Moderns.)

Gifted students may choose to complete an Advanced Placement course in French to obtain a university credit before the end of secondary school.

French Immersion Program ~ At a Glance

French Homework Help (SOS Devoirs)

Exchange Opportunities:


Rotary Club

SEVEC (summer programs only)



Youth for Understanding International Exchange Program  (M. Dlouhy went on this one over 20 years ago.)

YMCA Summer Work Exchange (Get paid to learn French)


In Defense of French Immersion



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