Visual Art classes offered at Parkside include the following:


Student Highlights

Grade 9 Art


Plaster Sculpture/Mask; Drawing & Shading Basic; Acrylic Painting

Grade 10 Art


Silk Screening; Landscape Painting; Charcoal Drawing

Grade 11 Media Art


Tablet Drawing; Digital Photography; Website Creation; Gifs

Grade 11 Art


Watercolour Painting, Printmaking (drypoint and intaglio)

Grade 11 Craft


Glass Mosaic, Ceramics (pottery), Upcycling

Grade 12 Photography


Pinhole Camera, Cyanotype, Film Photography, Digital Photography

Grade 12 Art


Figurative Painting; Self-Expressive Artwork


Art students learn skills that will translate into everyday life and any workplace:  problem solving, positive communication skills, resilience, observation skills, empathy, creative thinking, a willingness to look deeper and ask questions, and so much more!

Art SHSM is available.  Talk to Ms. Cameron or guidance for more information.

Department Head: Mary Cameron


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 Athletic Director: N. Scidmore

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The Business and Computer Studies Department provides business courses in information and communications technology, introductory business, accounting, entrepreneurship, marketing and international business. 
Our computer studies courses include computer programming starting in grade 10, software and web design, animation and computer graphics. 


Business/Computer Department Head: C. Palmer
Co-op Department Head: C. Langley
Drama/Music Department
Drama/Music Department Head: A. Southern

PCI’s English courses focus on improving essential literacy and critical thinking skills required for success in any post-secondary or workplace environment. Students will develop their reading, writing, oral communication, and media literacy skills, but will also hone other important competencies including self-reflection, creativity, collaboration, and global citizenship.  


English Department Head: K. Demko

 Family Studies

The Social Sciences and Humanities Department at Parkside Collegiate Institute is proud to offer courses that help students build understanding about individuals, families, different cultures and diverse groups in society. Through practical, hands-on experiences as well as discussion, research and reflection, students are provided with essential knowledge and transferable skills that they can apply in every aspect of their daily lives.

Our department consists of two distinct subject areas: Family Studies (Food and Nutrition courses, Clothing and Fashion courses, Parenting and Raising Healthy Children, Human Growth and Development) and General Social Sciences (Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, and Equity, Diversity, and Social Justice). Courses in both subject areas reflect various levels and pathways for meeting the needs and interests of all students.

Social Sciences and Humanities courses incorporate many different types of fundamental learning:

· Literacy - research skills, interpreting recipes and patterns, reading about new findings in the fields of social science, understanding food labels

· Numeracy - calculating nutrients in food, measurements and equivalents in recipes, analyzing statistics and research data, adjusting fit through pattern making

· Health - disease prevention, prenatal development, nutrition, mental wellness, overall well-being

Students develop creative and critical thinking skills and are provided with real life scenarios; such as the “Baby Think it Over” program, planning healthy meals for their families, shopping on a budget, and creating their own fashion products. In addition, students learn to understand and cope with our diverse and ever-changing world.

 Contact a Social Sciences teacher or Guidance for more information on our course offerings.

Social Sciences and Humanities = Learning for Life!


Family Studies Deptartment Head: D. Callahan

 French Department Head: L. Lee
 French Immersion

 French Immersion Department Head: D. Dlouhy

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 Geography Department Head: M. Norman

 Guidance Department Head: M. Watson

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 History Department Head: J. Congdon
 Library- PCI Learning Commons

 Library Department Head: C. Massecar

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 Math Department Head: S. Chesney
 Physical Education

Physical Education Department Head: J. Fife

SHSM Sport is available


At Parkside, the science department encourages students to use data and observations to make conclusions and learn about the world around them.  We encourage students to think critically the avalanche of information they are presented with, collaborate with classmates and ask questions about the things they do not understand about the scientific world.  

The Parkside Science department consists of a number of different courses, through multi pathways, academic, applied, workplace, college and university level, and some within the French Immersion program. All students take 2 science courses as part of the required courses for their OSSD, which begin in grade 9 and 10 in the form of general science courses exploring chemistry basics, ecosystems, climate change, space, electricity, light and an introduction to the human body.  In grade 11 and 12 students can further explore their interests in the sciences in Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science and Physics.  


Science Department Head: T. McCaffery

 Special Education (ASD/CLC/Resource)

LST Learning Co-ordinator: J. Cumberland

SAL: A. Wadsworth

 Technical Education

The Technological Department at Parkside offers students the opportunity to learn new skills or to build on knowledge they have already have acquired, gain self confidence and to explore team building within Manufacturing, Welding, Automotive, Construction, Design and Green Industries. Students learn by utilizing the most up to date industry equipment, tools and software.

Manufacturing; Students create interesting projects using various machine shop equipment such as Vertical milling machines, lathe turning centers, saws, hand tools and other processing/ finishing equipment. These skills can lead to a rewarding career such as Tool and Die Maker, Plastic Injection Mold Maker, General Machinist or CNC operator.

Welding; Students are exposed to all metal fusion processes and equipment. GTAW, GMAW, SMAW, Oxy/ Fuel welding processes, CNC Plasma, Hydraulic metal shears, saws and hand tools. This exposure gives students the foundation to pursue a college degree or go directly into an apprenticeship in the welding field.

Automotive; This is a busy shop equipped with 5 service bays. Students work on both live vehicles and static training units. Customer/ teacher vehicles, oil changes, brakes, suspension, cooling, tires, exhaust and diagnostic processing.  Click here for more details. 

Construction; Students learn about wood species and joint construction to build and construct their projects. The equipment utilized takes rough lumber through to a highly finished product. Students operate thickness planers, table saws, sliding miter saws, band saws, Laser engraving and hand tools.

Design; Students learn to manipulate various software such as Sketchup, AutoCAD and Soildworks to create Architectural drawings. Scaling, details and construction methods are covered which meet the Ontario Building Code. Smaller projects can also be produced utilizing our 3D Printer

Green Industries; All aspects of the industry are covered from tree and plant identification, seed propagation, fertilization, water conservation and harvesting. Students also learn, operate and maintain landscaping equipment which are used in the industry.

Parkside also offers 3 Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) programs. Students must meet the requirements to apply for the program which is offered in Manufacturing, Automotive and Green Industries courses. Students in these programs receive additional training, First Aid, Working at Heights, etc. Their experiential learning is enhanced through specific field trips within the offered courses. Employers have mentioned that this training is an advantage to the student and separates them from others.


Tech Department Head: M. Naylor

SHSM available in: Green Industries, Automotive Studies and Manufacturing

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