Code of Conduct


Parkside Collegiate Institute – Code of Conduct (updated August 2023)





  • Students will practice academic honesty and not cheat or plagiarize, including when taking tests, writing exams, or preparing assignments. 


  • Repeating or resubmitting an assignment 
  • Zero on the plagiarized aspect of the assignment 
  • Completing an alternate assignment 
  • Zero on the assignment / test 


A digital record of plagiarism offences will be kept  



  • Students are expected to be in their classrooms BEFORE the final bell rings. 
  • Student absence must be validated by parent/guardian, or by phone on the day absent 
  • Absences will not be validated after 48 hours and will be considered truant unless there are extenuating circumstances (bereavement), etc.
  • If a call was not made you MUST bring a note upon your return, signed by your parent/guardian to the main office identifying the date of absence and the reason.   
  • Students who are on school property are expected to be in their assigned class.
  • Students who are demitted must leave school property. 

Students who are late must get a late slip 

  • 5 lates = classroom teacher has communication with home (and copies administration)
  • 10 lates = referral to VP; detention possibly served
  • 15 lates = possible detention or participation in extracurricular activities may be taken away (e.g. dances, sports, clubs); parking privileges may be taken away 
  • Students who miss assignment due dates, presentations and/or quizzes due to truancy may receive a zero. 
  • Students who are 18 or older and continue to be absent from class may be removed from the course and/or school roll. 



  • ·   Cell phones, digital cameras, laptops, netbooks, smartphones, iPads, etc., are intended to be used as instructional tools.  
  • ·   The use of such devices to promote academic dishonesty or illegal activities is strictly prohibited.  
  • ·   The instructional use of any electronic device in the classroom/library will be with the permission of the classroom teacher.  
  • ·   Students will not engage in personal use of electronic devices during instructional time.  
  • ·   No photos, video or audio recordings will be taken of students or staff members without the subject’s permission. 



Inappropriate electronic use in class may result in:


  • Teacher will ask to put device in locker 
  • Loss of school wifi privileges
  • Device sent to office for the day 
  • Parent picks up electronic device 
  • Inappropriate use of the cell phone as a camera/video/audio recorder = confiscation and suspension.   





  • Students may be asked to change into different clothes. 


  • detentions are 20 minutes long starting at 11:10 or as directed and take place in Room 8
  • detentions are assigned by Administration
  • there is to be no talking, food, drink, electronic devices or cell phones 
  • bring a book or homework to complete 



  • Students who do not serve the assigned detention time may be suspended from school.   


  • All students must be present to write final  exams/assignments at scheduled times.   
  • Students who are ill during examinations must present a doctor’s certificate as verification.
  • Administration will decide whether the student’s exam will be written later or if alternative arrangements need to be made. 



  • Students who refuse to write an examination at the scheduled time may receive a mark of “0" for the exam.  
  • Students who miss assignment due dates, presentations and/or quizzes due to truancy may receive a zero.



  • Remove your wastepaper and food from the tables and place them in the receptacles provided, recycling when possible.    
  • Students will comply politely and cooperatively if a request is made by a teacher-supervisor to assist with clean up.   
  • Students are not to eat or drink in the classrooms except when authorized by staff.  
  • Follow instructions of cafeteria servery staff  



  • Failure to follow cafeteria policies may result in loss of privileges or a possible detention


  • Students are to refrain from being in the halls during class time. 
  • Students will remain in the classroom for the first 10 minutes and last 10 minutes of class
  • ·         One student will leave the classroom at a time
  • Students on assigned study periods are to choose to be in the cafeteria, library or off school property.    
  • Students on spare may use the courtyard



  • Persistent non-compliance to requests to vacate the halls may result in detentions and/or loss of privileges. 
  • Persistent lates or abuse of hallway privileges during class may result in parent communication and the loss of those privileges, a possible detention or a possible suspension


  • The use of profanity, spoken or written, is not acceptable.
  • Racist/homophobic/sexists/etc. slurs and other epithets are not to be written, spoken or shared on social media



  • The use of profanity or any slur/epithet may result in detention, suspension, or other consequences as appropriate.
  • Reparation of harm to the victim of the slur or epithet


  • Students must use the locker assigned to them at registration time.
  • Please be sure your lock is on the assigned locker and do not reveal your combination to anyone.   
  • Do not post anything inside that you cannot easily remove at the end of the year 
  • Lockers remain the property of the school and may be searched at any time.     
  • Material posted in your locker should be appropriate and in keeping with school policy.  



  • If you have a lock on a locker that is not assigned to you, the lock will be removed. 
  • The school can assume no responsibility for personal possessions left in lockers.


  • Students are not guaranteed parking privileges and must register vehicle with main office
  • Students will be issued parking passes
  • Expectations are to drive with caution, give pedestrians the right-of-way, demonstrate concern for property, follow the one-way direction
  • Students have access to parking in the Parkside student parking area only – not in staff parking or John Wise parking or firelane at rear of school


  • Careless driving, parking in non-designated student parking areas, speeding, may lead to suspension and/or revocation of parking privileges
  • Possible towing of vehicle if parked in firelane



  • Students are expected to follow the rules of the school and the directions of any staff member in a co-operative manner. 
  • Students are expected to give their name when asked by a staff member. 
  • Students are expected to follow specific classroom rules as directed by staff members.  



  • Opposition to authority in the classroom, cafeteria, hallways, other school property, transportation, or field trips may result in detentions, suspension, or other consequences as appropriate.  



Bullying and/or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated at Parkside including: 

  • Physical, verbal (oral or written), sexual or psychological harassment or abuse. 
  • Bullying or intimidation (including cyber-bullying). 
  • Discrimination on the basis of race, culture, language, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or any other personal attribute. 
  • Consequences for bullying may include (but are not limited to) peer mediation, progressive discipline, and suspension. 
  • Threats to inflict serious bodily harm = suspension and potential police involvement 
  • Sexual harassment = suspension may result and potential police involvement 



  • Students are expected to care for school grounds, building, equipment, textbooks, lockers, learning materials, washrooms, cafeteria, parking areas, buses, other public and private properties and personal property of others. 


  • Students may be required to pay repair or replacement costs for items which are lost or damaged, including (but not limited to) items on loan such as books, equipment, and athletic uniforms. 
  • Students who have debts from a previous semester may not receive any further loan items. 
  • Vandalism = suspension may result


Actions that threaten the safety of students and/or staff, or have a negative impact on members of the Parkside community, are not allowed, including:

  • Verbal and/or physical altercations
  • Horseplay in the hallways, classrooms, and school property. 
  • Possession of any weapons and/or dangerous materials (e.g. fireworks, firecrackers) on school property

Consequences for actions that threaten the safety of students and/or staff may include (but are not limited to):

  • Restorative practices – reparation of harm
  • Conflict resolution / mediation
  • Detention
  • Parental contact
  • Suspension / Expulsion
  • Police contact


  • Behaviour that is inappropriate in school is also inappropriate at dances and will be dealt with accordingly. 
  • Students must attend school on the day of the dance in order to attend the dance
  • Students are responsible for their signed-in guests.  


  • Anyone suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be suspended.
  • Anyone excluded from a school dance for any reason, shall be excluded from all remaining dances for the current school year. 
  • If a guest is behaving improperly, both the guest and student sponsor will be dealt with by the Administration and/or police. 


  • Smoking is prohibited within 20 m of school property (including inside the building, in the parking lot, on the south pathway) and at school-sponsored activities.   
  • E-cigarettes and vapes also fall under these guidelines. 
  • The possession, distribution, and/or use of alcohol or illicit drugs are NOT permitted on school property, regardless of age. 


  • Smoking or vaping on school property = suspension and possible charges under the Ontario Tobacco Act
  • Being under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol = suspension and possible charges
  • Possession of alcohol or illegal drugs = suspension and possible charges. 


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