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    Reporting Absences

    Reporting Absences

    If your child is going to be absent, notify the school by:

    1. SchoolMessenger Attendance Reporting System
    2. Call the toll free number: 1-844-305-3756
    3. Report the absence through our smartphone mobile application:

     We can help

    Let your school know if there is a problem or concern. There are many ways we can work together to get attendance back on track, or prevent an attendance problem from starting.




    Please use the following link to complete the PRIVIT form. Form completion is required to participate in Physical Education classes and be on Sports teams.

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    Cafeteria Opening

    Cafeteria Food Service Starting Monday November 29th: 

    We are happy to welcome our Cafeteria Food Service, opening for limited business beginning Monday November 29th. The Servery will offer food for purchase only during our lunch period - (11:05 A.M. start). We will be following the advice of our Health Unit. Entrances, line pathways and exits are clearly marked. Students will need to line up at the North doors to the Cafetorium area (closest to the fountain in the court). There are stickers on the ground for students to stand on in order to appropriately space while waiting to enter the food service area. Students are asked to stay to the left side of the line while in the Cafeteria area and follow the markings through the food service area. They will then take their food back to their first period classroom or outside with them to eat. The cafeteria is not open for students to sit and eat; it is reserved for three specific classes that don't have adequate seating area in their classroom. The students in these classrooms are limited to 2 students per table while eating. Please be respectful of the waste and use the school provided garbage and recycling receptacles. 


    We are excited to be able to offer food service to our students again. Please help us make it a success for all by following the outlined expectations.